The Blinds Man

A Tribute To The Blinds Man

A Tribute To The Blinds Man

There was a Blinds Man
Who worked for many years
His aim was to sell quality blinds 
At a price that was not dear

He banished net curtains in Fermanagh
Not one will you find
Instead you’ll see the homes there
Have all got beautiful blinds

He was friendly, he was helpful
He had that charisma that’s hard to find
As soon as you would call him
He would literally be straight around
For he loved his job
And he was good at it too
That’s because he was a “Swindle”
And only the best will do

He was the “Blinds Man”
He was my loving dad
I know you look down at us
From way above the clouds

My only wish....
Is that we make you proud!
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